The property described as Erf No. 3653, Montagu is situated in the rural area of Montagu and was zoned as Agricultural zone I.

On 28 June 2005, after a lengthy rezoning process, the application was approved by the Western Cape Minister of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning (DEADP).

The new dual zoning is Open space zone III (private nature reserve) for an 37,34 ha area with footprints for Resort zone II (10 units) with an erf area of maximum 300 m² each. Building footprint is restricted to ± 175 m².

Le Domaine Eco Estate’s zoning is seen as the only manner in which freestanding ownership can be allowed on agricultural land to build your own holiday accommodation unit. The potential buyer will have a special opportunity to buy an “ERF”, outside an established urban edge.

The new guidelines on Resort zonings (October 2005) of DEADP, limits specifically resort development outside an Urban Edge, dwelling(s) on a freehold plot within a resort to a single storey and a maximum building footprint of 120 m² on a 250 m² erf. This approval thus gives unique land-use rights in a rural setting. Furthermore there are only three approved Resort zone II sites in the Breederiver Winelands area.

Le Domaine has thus greater potential than any Resort zone II approved after the publication of the Guideline. It is now extremely difficult to obtain approval for Resort zone II zoning because of the densification policy inside an Urban Edge which was prescribed by the Western Cape Provincial Spatial Development Framework.

Resort zone II in the case of Le Domaine was approved when holiday housing was the primary right, allowing separate alienation of units, but did not require that such a development had to be located in a unique natural environment or close to a special resource (attraction).

Le Domaine Eco Estate’s approval also includes a positive Record of Decision (ROD) from DEADP.

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